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How far in advance do we book?

We book orders up to 3 month in advance (except for weddings and events larger than 75people). We generally prefer orders be places at least 2 weeks in advance and 3 weeks for busy holiday seasons. Thank you!

How far in advance do we book wedding orders or larger orders?

We recommend that wedding orders or orders for more than 75 people be placed no less than 2 months in advance. However, 6 months in advance would be preferred, especially during holiday/peek wedding season. Thank you!


Do we have a store front?

We're sorry to inform you that we do not currently have a store front. We are a home-based operation.

Do we deliver?

Yes, depending on availability, we deliver at an additional cost. Our delivery fees vary and are dependent on the size of the order and the drop off location. All local deliveries from our online shop are $10. Deliveries for custom orders within a 15 mile radius start at $3.5/mile.

Do we deliver outside of Beckley?

Yes, depending on availability, however the delivery fee does increase according to distance and order size. Orders outside of a 15 mile radius start at $4/mile.


Do we set up, cut, and serve?

Yes, depending on availability, we do at an additional cost. Prices vary and are dependent on the size of the cake/order set up.

How do we charge for our custom cakes and wedding cakes?

Both, our custom cakes and wedding cakes, are charged by the slice. Wedding cakes start at $4.50 a slice and our custom cakes start at $4 a slice. Additional elements added to the cake are an extra fee if provided by us. Additional services are also an extra fee. 

So how do you know how much your cake will cost before you purchase? 

You would just fill out the custom cake order form and wait to receive an email or text shorty after to discuss the details of the cake you'd like to order and we will give you a quote before the order is confirmed.

How big are our servings?

We use an event style                         for all of our cakes. Each slice is approximately 1"x2" and each cake/tier consists of three thick layers making them approximately 5.5"-6" in height.

Do we require a deposit? 

Yes, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon order confirmation and the remaining 50% is due upon pickup or delivery. For more information visit our 

What is your Cancellation and Change Policy?

In the event that the client has to cancel the order after the deposit has been paid, the deposit will not be refunded. Partial cancellations or changes to the order will be accommodated at least 7 days prior to the event. Pricing is based on the entire order, therefore, a reduction in servings may not proportionally reduce the price of the order. For more info visit our 

Do we cater?

Yes, we do dessert and candy bars. To inquire about our catering services please 

Do we have vegan options?

Unfortunately, we do not have Vegan options at this time.

Do we have Gluten Free options? 

Yes, we have a select few Gluten Free options. However, we cannot guarantee that these products will not come in contact with contaminated baking utensils. We recommend the Gluten Free cakes for anyone with an intolerance rather an allergy. Feel free to contact us regarding any allergy related concerns or questions you may have.

Do we have dairy free options?

Unfortunately, we do not offer Dairy Free options at this time.



We hope this helped. If you still have questions feel free to                       

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