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About Savannah Confections

At Savannah Confections, quality comes first. Everything that comes out of our ovens is always homemade from scratch and made with the best ingredients. Not only do we pride ourselves on great quality desserts but also our craftsmanship and creative eye. We look at each of our creations as a delicious work of art. We can’t wait for you to try some of our specials or turn your vision into a custom edible work of art—browse our online shop or contact us today to grab a tasty treat!

We care about your safety!

At Savannah Confections your safety is our priority.  We continue to acknowledge the impact the coronavirus has had on our communities and feel it is important for you to know that we take extra precautions to ensure the cleanliness of our surroundings for the safety of you and ourselves.


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Wow!!! Simply Amazing!!! The beautiful cake you created for our son and daughter in law's wedding was incredible from the beauty of the cake to the taste of the cake!! Perfection!!!!! Thank you so very much!!


Thank you for making me a one of a kind birthday cake. It was beautiful and tasted wonderful. 💝


I had one of the best experiences I have ever had at Savannah Confections. Not only was Savannah extremely professional but the quality and taste of all of the baked goods were outstanding!


Sweet Words

"It was amazing. Can't wait to eat the top tier next year on our anniversary!"


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There is no logical reason why bumblebees should be able to fly. It cannot be logically explained. Their bodies are much too fat and their wings are just far too flimsy. However, what a bee does not know cannot stop them. In short, they overestimate their ability to fly. They expect to fly and so they fly quite nicely. If we could all have the courage of the bumblebee, how great could we be? 

At Savannah Confections we strive to follow the bumble bee philosophy every day! We used that very same courage when we took the step to start this business and we continue to use it in each of our custom designs. With each design a bit of courage and hope is used to push ourselves to create something unique and beautiful for our customers.

The Gift of Motherhood

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to our Mother's Day sale for John and Carlee. You helped us do something special for a couple that went from being our clients to our friends. We got to be a part of their big day when they tied the knot and then had the honor of helping them with their journey to start a family. If you'd like to know more about the Powell's and their story or would like to make a personal donation, please read the information below.


About John + Carlee Powell

"When john and I got married back In November, we were so excited to start our family. Our wedding was perfect & Savannah made our wedding cake. However, after multiple trips to specialists and testing, I learned I had a condition called endometriosis. John and I have only one way to conceive, & that is through IVF. Our health insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment at all. We have already spent thousands of dollars on my medication that doesn’t include the actual IVF itself. We will be making a couple trips to NY this summer in hopes of transferring our perfect embryo. We want nothing more than to be parents! Any donation is greatly appreciated."

-Carlee Powell

Special donations can be made to help the Powell family using any of the following methods.

Venmo: @Carlee-Frye


Cash App: $Carleefrye

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